Get the relief we all crave without the high!

All the natural properties of hemp, but without the worries from trace THC. Our Broad Spectrum gummies are designed for those who want the relief from anxiety, pain and stress that CBD brings, but can not have any THC. Our delicious mixed fruit gummies are vegan, THC free and offer 25mg of CBD in each piece.



Calms the Mind

Relieves Discomfort

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Low Sugar

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Broad Spectrum Gel Caps - 750mg

Formulated for rapid absorption, our gel capsules feature a convenient way to take 25 mg of Broad Spectrum CBD that combines an array of terpenes and minor cannabinoids, but without THC.  Designed for those who enjoy the benefits of CBD but can not have any THC.

“Oh, my knees would get so swollen from arthritis and the pain would wake me up at night. I’m so glad I found these gel capsules! I take one a day and I haven’t been in pain in months! I can grocery shop and run errands with no problem!”

– Crist J


Need to target pain in

A Specific Area?

When pain mostly occurs in a specific area, such as joint pain or arthritis, it can be helpful to target that area with physical application. The products below are specially made to be applied to areas you may experience pain. You can rub them on your temples for migraines, or apply them to aching joints.

Relief Roll On - 250mg

Take relief with you on the go in a convenient roll-on that’s perfect for targeting discomfort discreetly.  Skin softening coconut oil is blended with Full Spectrum CBD, terpenes to enhance effectiveness and essential oils including peppermint and lavender, traditionally used for centuries for headache relief.

“Just got off the phone with mom… She said she was in such horrific pain this morning in one shoulder she couldn’t take it anymore. The roll on was sitting on the table near her & she decided she didn’t care if she wasn’t supposed to use it. She just needed relief! Almost immediately the pain was pretty much gone! She was shocked!”

– Laura, Detroit


Healing Balm - 250mg

Our Healing Balm quickly absorbs into sore joints and muscles with a blend of mango, shea and kokum butters that help Full Spectrum CBD melt into the skin.  Arnica and St. John’s wort, traditionally used to encourage healing, aid in relief while an array of essential oils soothe the senses.


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Kick Discomfort to the Curb

Relieve pain, stress and anxiety. The broad spectrum gummies are a great way to get started with CBD, even if you need to pass a drug test. Though we often recommend a blend of CBD that includes all the natural properties of hemp, if you must avoid THC altogether, this is one of the best options.