Qulture Tea Party – Feb 25, 2021

Watch the full event on ZOOM This story appeared in The Michigan Marijuana Report. Anqunette Sarfoh, AKA “Q”, an emerging cannabis leader in Michigan known for her work on social equity, legalization and medical marijuana work, is finally about to launch her newest venture: Qulture Tea Parties. The “Q”ulture Tea Parties are designed to bring […]

Self-Care Sunday – March 7th, 2021

Self-Care Sunday is a community event created by Qulture. A short, 20-25 minute course where we focus on breathing, meditation, and light stretching, it’s the perfect opportunity to start each month off right. Starting on March 7th, we will hold Self-Care Sunday on the first Sunday of every month at high noon (12:00 PM) Eastern Time. The […]

March Tea Party – March 25, 2021

MS is a crappy way to meet the coolest people. The former director of the MS Society of Southeastern Michigan said that, and I couldn’t agree more. It’s been nearly eight years since a doctor spoke those scary words, “You have Multiple Sclerosis”, but in that time, fear transformed into taking action to improve my […]

Using CBD and Cannabis for Chronic Pain

Does your back hurt? How about your hips or your knee? Pain is a part of life but there are ways to feel better. Join Q and Nurse Cathleen Graham on Thursday, April 29th at 7:00 PM at this month’s Qulture Tea Party.  We’re discussing and answering your questions on how to use CBD and […]

Let’s Party In Person-High Tea and Puff & Paint Party

It’s time to party in person! Join me at our first Qulture High Tea of the year. We’ll sip CBD tea, enjoy light bites and show off our artsy side in a cannabis friendly environment. (Yep! I’m loading up my new gravity bong! ) We’re celebrating Nurse Cathleen’s birthday and answering all of your cannabis […]

Cannabis and CBD for Female Issues

This is going to be a TMI (too much information) event.  This month we’re going below the belt and talking about how to use cannabis to treat conditions such as painful periods, uncomfortable sex (and not being in the mood) menopause, fibroids and other gynecological issues. Join Q and Nurse Cathleen Graham to find out […]

CBD and Beyond

Have you been wondering if you’re taking the right dose of CBD for your body and condition? Is CBD not working for you and are you considering trying another option, like THC or CBG? What’s the deal with Delta 8 and can it help you finally get some sleep? Are you looking for something to […]

Psychedelics, Mushrooms and Cannabis

Have you noticed mushrooms are in everything nowadays? Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Supplements.  Martha Stewart has a recipe for an entire meatloaf made with mushrooms. And even the “magic” ones are being researched more than ever.  Prevention Magazine recently featured a story about a woman who cured her headaches by taking psilocybin mushrooms and Gwyneth […]

Treating Cancer with CBD and Cannabis

Hi! In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re talking about treating ALL types of cancer with cannabis and CBD at this month’s Qulture High Tea. This time, Nurse Cathleen and I will be speaking with a special guest. John Malanca is the CEO of Untied Patients Group and was the host of the docuseries, […]

Join Us at Our Biggest High Tea Yet

We are going on sensory journey through all things cannabis. Join us at Jam Handy in Detroit on Saturday, July 23rd as we nosh on traditional High Tea favorites and indulge in infused foods while you learn how to best use cannabis to feel good or to have a good time. This is the place […]